iBOB Expansion Boards
GizmoSphere 1
Current project is refitting a Denford NovaTurn lathe and a EMCO PC Turn 105 with Yaskawa AC servo drives, servo motors and the Tormach PathPilot control software.
Welcome to the new Embedded CNC website. Embedded CNC designs interface break out boards or (iBOBs) for small embedded computer systems. The iBOB2 expands the GizmoSphere development boards. It is a card which ads a PCIe x1 generation 2 and an additional SATA port to the GizmoSphere1's high speed interface. This interface allows one to connect a Mesa 6i25 FPGA card to the Gizmosphere 1. From this, a user can control a stepper system based on the Mesa 7i76 or a servo system based on the Mesa 7i77 for analog servo motor control.
Gizmo is a small form-factor, low cost platform intended for embedded innovators and hobbyists to create and develop new software and hardware products. The development board is based on AMDs Embedded G-Series APUs. The platform is designed to provide direct access to the various I/O features available from the AMD APU and chipset, a robustness which is rarely accessible or available on standard off-the-shelf PC motherboards.